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Psychotherapy and Consulting in Honolulu, Hawaii

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Personal and Executive Coaching

Athletes have them, singers and actors do too. Everybody is performing in some kind of an arena. Individuals in all aspects of life strive to be successful. People decide to hire a coach when they seek higher levels of performance and achievement or want to learn a new pursuit. Andrew Snyder is a highly effective and skilled coach working with a wide range of clients' challenges including transitions, slumps, blocks, and setbacks.

Every challenge is an opportunity for change and growth. Everyone has the power to change and improve their lives. Andrew is committed to helping you discover the inspiration and motivation that can transform yours.
− What do you strive for most in your life?
− Are you at a transitional point?
− Do you need motivation moving forward?
− Do you seek clarity in identifying your values and goals?
At Andrew Snyder Coaching we offer:
• Executive Coaching: coaching for performance, fulfillment and success
• Life Coaching: goal setting, clarity and action—uncover your
   life purpose
• Mindfulness Training: the power of consciousness, self-awareness, and    confidence
Who would benefit from Andrew Snyder Coaching?
• People experiencing transitions such as career, retirement or divorce.
• People facing adversity in the manner with slumps, blocks and
• People who want to find new possibilities, purpose and unlock their
   true potential.
• People wanting clarity with their direction, meaning and personal
• People who seek greater self-awareness and personal transformation.
• People who want to focus on achieving balance, significance and
Advantages you receive from Andrew Snyder Coaching:
✓ No-cost initial 20-minute consultation session by telephone
✓ Personal client-focused service
✓ Confidential
✓ Certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360) Administrator
✓ Myers-Briggs (Personality) Type Indicator Qualified Practitioner
✓ Strong Interest Inventory® Qualified Practitioner
✓ Proven ability to motivate and energize
✓ Insightful and thought provoking
✓ Clarity and empowerment
✓ Highly competent, non-judgemental and empathetic
✓ Trusted and experienced
✓ Convenient, flexible, and effective coaching from anywhere in the
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It is important for you to get a sense of the therapist before you commit so if you are looking please feel free to call for a no-cost initial telephone or office consultation.


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